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In a present, All people mad for cyber. There all work are depend upon internet. Like surfing , chatting, video conference etc. Web cam is the most part of that is use for security perpose . Thousand of software invention in a day by day. Most of people are like to work with software who will easily installed and operate. and also like to consume time while operating.
This web cam have totally ability to need all people. Web cam software is easily installed and there is no require of high skill person. Simple man can installed and operate this software. This web cam software is made by multipurpose system so we can operate many other work. And consume over time also
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Advanced Webcam Coder Manager

The webcamera 30fps digital picture it is software that i like because it is sharp and clear, it is good in our country, some articles that contain inside this product is that the background of it like the colour and some images that inside it and that the display its also nice with some demostration that its bring i like it. I will like to promote this product, because it is useful to our country. Please kindly send me how to promote it through my email because i know that if i can send it to all my friend through email i believe they will have interest on it. Thanks.
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Dynamic Video Stream Toolkit

The software is a web cam soft ware, it basically helps in converting the files in the camera to mpeg files. Not only for the web cams this software can be used for any other video cameras, the useful feature in this software is it can search for the cameras which are connected to the specific computers (such as USB Cameras and Capture cards) and also for the cameras connected through the net work or internet. The program creates a separate windows to represent each and every video captured channels for all the different cameras connected to the specific computer. A file will be created to store all the information about cameras and settings for different cameras which helps in restoring whole surveillance environment just with a click. This starts with a wizard that generates a web page which can be used to watch the cameras through internet also this will upload the necessary files to the web site.
This software also broadcasts online MPEG-4 video and MP3 sound up to 30 frames per second, This supports the Huge list of webcams support for recording simultaneously and to broadcast from number of cameras, display the time stamps on captured picture, it streams the live audio and also the useful features like Encrypted broadcast, password protected video recording, records video after detecting a particular activity, play back recording of video remotely, it also defines the movement detection area with comprehensive scheduler and so on.
The system requirements to install this software are
Intel Pentium CPU Microsoft Windows 2GB RAM 10 GB hard drive space Color monitor and Mouse or other pointing device
This software is very useful and it solves almost all problems of broadcasting the videos to long distances or over seas, this soft ware has already being used by the big broadcasting companies, finally this software has not only won the hearts of the people but also the prestigious awards like such as 5star ratings, Soft ratings, Editors review excellency award and SC magazine recommendations etc., 

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Satu Malaysia

Satu Malaysia
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