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InstaForex dealing center grants access to online trading sessions around the world. Our clients manage their funds on the exchange market not leaving their homes or offices. Aside from obtaining information on the latest events of the financial world and reading Forex reviews and forecasts, you can have a trading course as well. For this purpose you just have to receive our free demonstrative version of trading account. The education process is maximally simplified with InstaForex dealing center. We do not have any limitations for deposit amount or deals. The world's leading brokers come as counterparties of InstaForex. Cooperation with the Western brokers allows implementing 24-hour coverage of all client deals on the stock exchange. That is why, opening account in InstaForex dealing center you gain direct admittance to the market and Forex currency transactions.

None of Forex brokers gives a guarantee of money earning. Playing on the currency market involves certain risks of full and partial loss. We afford operating on the market without swaps. It must be taken into consideration by each trader planning to cash in on the investments. Forex market appears to be a high-yield and high-risk way of investing the funds. Nevertheless, InstaForex guarantees the safety of its clients' monetary assets and reliable protection from non-trading risks for funds on their accounts. The best trading terms for live accounts and reward scheme of 30% Forex bonuses is a helpful aid for each participant in his daily activity. We do not promise you a profit on Forex, but we do provide the necessary trading conditions which raise the probability of beneficial result of your deals much higher than our rivals.

We offer you to run trading activity without swaps and spreads depending on preferences of the trader. We afford fixed spreads and the highest trading leverage. For clients having live accounts from 100 000 USD a protection guarantee is issued by means of segregated Forex accounts. Our trading terms for operating on the market are meant for making currency trading with InstaForex the most comfortable and profitable one. To this date, more than 500 000 traders have chosen InstaForex as its broker for playing on Forex stock exchange with MetaTrader platform. By January 01, 2011 over 200 representative offices of InstaForex Companies Group have been established all over the world. Recognition of InstaForex high working level allowed the company to achieve a prestigious award "The Best Broker in Asia" in 2009 from the international economic magazine "World Finance". InstaForex – a worldwide leader in the field of brokerage services on Forex market. 

<a href="">InstaForex</a>


Satu Malaysia

Satu Malaysia
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